Board of Directors




    Cody Jones (President)
    Randall County Sheriff's Office

    Mandy Williams (Vice-President)
    The Cake Company

    Casey Renner (Secretary)
    Palo Duro Creek Golf Course

    Robin Lannou (Treasurer)
    Amarillo National Bank

    Monica Aragon
    Gold Star Trust

    Evelyn Ecker
    Canyon Economic Development Corporation

    Kara Gist
    First United Bank

    Lacie White
    Farmers Insurance

    Tim Ritter
    The Canyon News

    Stewart Jackson

    Dennis Rice
    Randall County Sheriff's Office

    J. Rich Sparks
    West Texas A&M University

    Chad Campbell
    The SportZone

    Andy Carter
    Matador, Inc. DBA Chicken Express

    Martin McClish
    Gold Star Trust

    Tonya Tyler
    Xcel Energy

    Lori Wilhite
    Triangle Realty




  • Staff

  • Roger Remlinger, Executive Director

    Elizabeth Carlson, Executive Administrator

    Emma Irlbeck, Administrative Assistant


    Canyon Chamber Young Adult Program

    The mission of the Canyon Chamber of Commerce is to provide a leadership role encouraging the improvement of the Canyon economy, create and foster a professional environment and cultivate prosperous business opportunities while endorsing integrity and goodwill within the community. The Canyon Chamber strives to lead by example and also provide distinctive opportunities to young adults in the Canyon community in two employment positions within the Canyon Chamber.

    The Canyon Chamber offers a Jr. Ambassador position to young adults in their senior year of high school or just beyond graduation from high school. The goal of this position is to inspire and enable young adults to realize their full potential as productive and responsible adults. Through guidance and experience from the Canyon Chamber, our Jr. Ambassadors are trained in areas of community service, leadership development and given the opportunity to work directly with business leaders in the Canyon Community. This process not only provides an understanding of the functions of a Chamber of Commerce, but provides a unique education of experience in a professional setting.

    The Canyon Chamber also works directly with the Canyon High School PRO Internship Program to employ one CHS Senior each year to work in the Canyon Chamber office for a few hours each week and extra hours during special events. This internship with the Canyon Chamber is similar to the Jr. Ambassador position as it holds the same goals of professional experience and development. This position also requires a year end project as decided by the Chamber staff and the CHS Pro Internship Director.

    For more information regarding these positions, please email admin@canyonchamber.org